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so, yeah. i’m rob. that’s me there.

this is that part where i would normally tell you about myself. but i’m going to treat it more like a manifesto in progress—an inventory of things that i like, have learned, come to believe, that i try to live by.

a big list in no particular order, if you will.

(there’s definitely some history baked in, because who are we if not the sum of our experiences.)

if you’re curious, reach out. i always like to tell a good story.

ok, here goes…

within the particular, lies the universal.

“reality is not always probable, or likely.” —jorge luis borges

have a point of view.

rule #4: consider everything an experiment.” —john cage

luck favors the prepared.

“we are the stories we tell.” —stanley hainsworth

q: what do you do with an elephant with three balls?

everything is inspiration.

“fail harder.” —dan wieden

sometimes you will just run into a guy dressed up as catwoman.

experience > reflect > generalize > apply > repeat

“be a sponge.” —joe duffy

a: walk him and pitch to the giraffe.

diversity leads to unexpected results by combining unlikely variables.

pro tip: when the rhino charges, don’t move.

drawing is thinking.

universe according to fuller: a scenario of non-simultaneous and only partially overlapping transformative events.

“don’t be the proverbial vanilla.” —hank

a well defined problem is half solved.

be nice to people.

“our’s is a history of pushing dragons off the maps, replacing them with knowledge.” —john glenn

when in doubt, boof.

“build a better world by demanding more out of it.” —david butler

you can’t understand how a tree works by looking at a twig.

resilience is dynamic.

do all the things.

“good design is honest.” —dieter rams


“all media are extensions of man.” —mcluhan

walking makes time for observation.

interesting fact: the us government spent millions of dollars developing the zero-gravity pen. the russians used a pencil.

always bring more socks than you think you will need.

“you don’t have to see an aardvark in somebody’s book to know that they can shoot an aardvark!” —bill oberlander

kipple drives out non-kipple.

a watch-pot will, in fact, boil. but that’s not the point. my grandmother was teaching me about relativity. 

believe in something.

sometimes, lost is a great place to be.

i named my guitar ‘pearl’ for no particular reason whatsoever.

if you try to please everyone, you move no one.

remember: we lost a mars probe because somebody forgot to convert shit to metric.

“we have a decent thud. a better thud would be best.” —shawn cuni

it’s totally ok to cry during certain episodes of battlestar galactica.

“fuck the bullshit” —teamscum

“you never change things by fighting the existing reality. to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” —bucky fuller

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